Pro Tect knows surface protection. Our products are tested for the building and construction trades. Pro Tect ensures worksite carpets, floors and windows are properly protected. This saves our clients money and finishes jobs quicker.

We inventory a large supply of surface protection products. We can handle any worksite issue. A family-owned business since 1993, we provide knowledgeable and prompt sales support.

Same day shipping or pick-up available.

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Walking Surfaces

Protecting your surfaces during remodeling and construction will save you time and money. From protecting carpets to hardwoods, it is less expensive to protect than to replace or repair.

Dust & Dirt

Products that will help you control dust and dirt. It is on every job site, every project. Let Pro Tect help provide you with products to cut down on the damage that dust and dirt does to your existing surfaces.


Multi-Use products are a group of products that we put together for your convenience. Tub protection, window protection, vent covers, ductape, threshold tape, even deck sealant.

Jobsite Protection

Products that every worker should have on site. Knives, gloves, dust mask, bodysuits, and shoe booties, you never know when you’ll need them.

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